Why WarmSculpting With SculpSure Is The Right Procedure For You

Have you been trying to lose weight for months on end? Have you tried specific weight loss treatments or weight loss programs that haven't worked? Whether you are looking to lose minimal fat or have larger areas treated - WarmSculpting with SculpSure is the best procedure for you! 

SculpSure is one of the best noninvasive procedures for fat loss and is recommended for all body types. This is an effective and safe way to disrupt fat cells for natural looking results. Multiple procedures can be performed at once and can target most areas such as stomach, thighs, back, love handles, and under the chin area. This is an effective procedure for both men and women of all ages (18+). Surgery is not for everyone, which is why this treatment has gained popularity in recent years. Laser Advantage of East County provides top quality work for weight loss treatments in Antioch, California and Contra Costa County. 


How does SculpSure treat weight loss?

This procedure uses energy wavelengths and heat energy to target fat cells. How this differentiates amongst other fat loss procedures is this specific laser liquifies the fat from the desired areas. Your body will begin to metabolize and eliminate fat cells once the procedure is complete. This is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for fat loss and provides optimal results. 


What to expect during my procedure? 

SculpSure is a quick fat loss procedure, typically done within 25 minutes per body area. Most of the time, there is no down time or side effects. During your procedure, a provider will apply the applicators to the area where you will lay down for the duration of the appointment. Laser Advantage of East County will make sure you are comfortable during your SculpSure procedure and cater to any special needs. Call today to book a SculpSure consultation to begin your weight loss dreams!