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If you have a tattoo you regret, there are options available for its removal. James Edwards, MD, at Laser Advantage of East County, offers tattoo removal with the MedLIte C-3 Laser for patients in Antioch, California. This system effectively targets and dissolves tattoo ink to leave you with smooth, pigment-free skin. Call the office or schedule online to learn how you can get rid of a tattoo today.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does laser tattoo removal work?

To create a tattoo, the artist injects indelible ink into your dermal layer of skin. Laser treatment removes tattoo ink by using a specific wavelength of light that passes through your skin and is absorbed by the ink pigment. The rapid absorption of this light energy makes the tattoo ink break into tiny particles, which the body removes naturally through its waste elimination systems.

The laser technology effectively breaks up color for most tattoos. The images fade and eventually disappear with multiple treatments. Even dark colors, such as blue, black, and green as well as bright colors like orange, red, and yellow are removable with laser energy.

How many sessions do I need to remove a tattoo?

Tattoo removal takes several laser sessions. During each session, the laser light treats the largest particles of tattoo pigment, so your image gradually fades. The exact number of sessions you’ll need depends on:

  • The size of your tattoo
  • The area tattooed
  • Layering of color
  • Scarring and tissue changes
  • Coloration
  • Your skin type

It thus makes sense that tattoos that are large and colorful often take more sessions to remove than those that are smaller and not highly pigmented. Usually, your sessions are spaced a few weeks apart. If you schedule sessions too close together, it increases the risk that you’ll experience unwanted side effects. Close-together sessions don’t result in faster fading of the image, either.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

During the laser sessions, you feel a sensation as if a rubber band was snapping against your skin. The procedure is no more uncomfortable than when you received your tattoo. Most people tolerate the treatments well.

Should I schedule downtime following tattoo removal?

You don’t need to schedule any downtime following tattoo removal. If you do experience any swelling or redness, the side effects fade within a few hours. You can resume all daily activities after laser tattoo removal, including exercise and work.

If you’re ready to clear your skin of an unwanted tattoo, call Laser Advantage of East County or use this website to set up a consultation.