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Dark brown spots on your face, chest, hands, or arms caused by aging and sun exposure aren’t just something you have to live with. At Laser Advantage of East County in Antioch, California, James Edwards, MD, oversees Photo-Genesis, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that quickly and safely erases these spots to improve your skin’s texture, tone, and color. Call the office or schedule online to find out how this innovative technology can help you.

Brown Spot Removal Q & A

What are brown spots?

Brown spots develop when your body increases its production of melanin, a skin pigment, in response to sun exposure. You may hear brown spots referred to as age spots, birthmarks, and sun spots.

The melanin clumps together and forms the dark spots on your skin – usually in areas most commonly exposed to the sun – although some brown spots are visible from birth. The spots appear as brownish blemishes most often on the:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Chest

Usually, these spots don’t pose any health harm, but cosmetically, they can make you look older than you are. 

What treatments are available for brown spots?

The visible intense pulsed light (IPL) delivered by the Photo-Genesis procedure targets the pigmented spots and reddened areas of your skin directly. The pigment absorbs the energy so the spots are either dissolved entirely or fade considerably. The laser doesn’t affect non-pigmented areas on your face.

In addition to treating brown spots, the IPL energy also rejuvenates your skin. You may see fewer lines and wrinkles as well as fewer brown spots.

How many treatments are necessary and when will I see results?

Most men and women need just a few treatments to reduce the appearance of age spots. Dr. Edwards creates a customized treatment plan to get you the results you’re after.

Many patients see significant improvement within 2-3 weeks of treatment. You’ll notice a clearer, younger-looking complexion.

Do I need to schedule downtime following brown spot removal?

No downtime is required following the Photo-Genesis treatment, but you may choose to lay low for a few days. Minor swelling and the sensation of a sunburn are common effects. You can still go to work and do your daily chores but should avoid scheduling a big event, such as a wedding or reunion right after brown spot treatment.

Be zealous about applying sunscreen and staying out of the sun following brown spot removal. Sun exposure is likely to cause more spots to develop.

To learn how you can achieve smoother, clearer skin that’s free of age spots, call Laser Advantage of East County or book an appointment using the online tool.